Black Boys Code relies on the support of our amazing partners and volunteers in order to deliver engaging, effective, and educational experiences to the young Black boys of our communities.

Help us show them their potential and illuminate the endless opportunities available with a solid foundation of digital literacy. Help us change lives.

Our volunteers inspire the leaders of tomorrow by sharing their time, experience, and passion for computer technology. If you would like to share knowledge, inspire young minds, and give back to your community, Black Boys Code is right for you.

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Volunteers take on specific positions and responsibilities when they join Black Boys Code. Check out the descriptions below to see what role you are best suited for.


Chapter Leaders are responsible for overseeing the establishment, operation, and growth of their
local chapter. It is their job to find and recruit their chapter’s Core team, which usual consists of 4
or 5 volunteers. The Chapter Leader manages the team as they perform a variety of tasks including
workshop planning, community outreach, fundraising, and more.

Additionally, the Chapter Leader is tasked with growing the profile of Black Boys Code. That primarily
refers to getting the word out about their local chapter, but it also applies to growing our organization
as a whole. both their local chapter and as an organization and their local chapter.

While the Chapter Leader is mostly a delegator when it comes to organizing the workshops, they
have a vital role to play during these Black Boys Code events. They must be present and ready to
engage parents and children alike, in order to build rapport and gain trust within the community.

Responsibilities include:

• Oversee the local chapter team
• Recruit Core team members as needed
• Onboard new volunteers using Trainual
• Participate in monthly leadership meetings as well as meet regularly meet with the
Black Boys Code executive team to develop goals and strategies for their chapter
• Plan fundraising events
• Manage/work with core team members to plan and host events
• Evaluate each workshop/event in order to ensure that all of our
activities/services meets our organizational organizational objectives

Key Accountabilities:

• Raise community awareness of the Black Boys Code programs
• Recruit any volunteers that are needed for each local event
• Cultivate strong relationships within the community
• Listen to parents and community leaders on community needs
• Plan chapter programs/events for the year and as required
• Identify workshop/event facilities

Skills, Experience & Qualifications:

• Minimum 3 years of people management experience
• Minimum 3 years of customer service experience
• Strong communication skills, both orally and in written
• Flexible/adaptable to change
• Detail oriented
• Organized
• MS Office proficient


The Community Outreach Coordinator works with their Chapter Leader and the
Black Boys Code executive team to spearhead student recruitment and marketing
efforts in order to reach as many community groups as possible. With guidance
from their Chapter Leader, they must develop a Community Outreach Strategy for
their local chapter. Their primary role in their chapter is creating, planning, and
executing the various initiatives and campaigns they outline in their strategy.

The Community Outreach Coordinator also hosts events for
parents, students, and community leaders.

Responsibilities include:

• Work with the Black Boys Code executive team to craft email
newsletters, create chapter blogs, and maintain daily communication
with students, parents, and other stakeholders
• Develop and facilitate communications with local schools,
community members, and youth serving organizations.
• Lead the development of their chapter’s Community Outreach Strategy
• Lead the implementation and execution of the strategy
• Support their Chapter Leader by creating/finding new resources,
preparing reports, and managing their chapter’s database of contacts:
- Schools
- Community leaders
- Media
- Participate in organization-wide team meetings and activities

Time Commitment:

Approximately 2-3 hours per week.


Classroom Technology Assistants are responsible for helping the Instructor
deliver an engaging, educational, and awesome experience for our boys.
They assist the Instructors in teaching the core concepts of computer
programming by mentoring the boys and assisting them individually when
they are struggling or need extra attention. They are also responsible for
helping the Events Coordinator in preparing for and running each workshop.

Skills and Responsibilities include:

• Provide a fun and engaging learning environment
that fosters creativity and critical thinking skills.
• Some knowledge of computer science.


The Events Coordinator keeps track of all volunteers and maintains an
updated list for the local chapter. The Coordinator also ensures all
volunteers are given equal opportunity to participate in events and
engages with volunteers to keep them excited about BBC.

The Events Coordinator is responsible for planning, organizing, and running all
of their chapter’s events. Whenever an event is scheduled, they must create a
project plan to ensure that all of the necessary tasks are completed.

They oversee the day-to-day operations of the local chapter and supervise
volunteers at all workshops to make sure everything runs smoothly. They also
must maintain an updated list of volunteers and parents.

Responsibilities include:

• Work closely with their Chapter Lead and Outreach
Community Coordinator to assist in event logistics
(i.e. facility search, logistics/dates, catering, etc.)
• Support volunteer training and workshop

Time Commitment:

Minimum 8-10 hours a month, or as needed.
(More hours may be required during events)


Instructors are responsible for delivering an exceptional and educational
workshop experience for our boys. Our workshops cover a wide range of
topics related to development, design, and making, and the Instructor is
required to have a solid understanding of all course materials. They must
be enthusiastic, self-motivated, and comfortable working with children.

Instructors at Black Boys Code are responsible for teaching our boys the
core concepts of computer programming and ensuring that they are
being challenged during the learning process.

Responsibilities include:

• Provide a fun and engaging learning environment
that fosters creativity and critical thinking skills.
• Provide input and recommendations to enhance
the existing BBC curriculum.
• Attend an onboarding session the Friday before
each workshop

Skills, Experience & Qualifications:

• Experience with Java, Unity, Game Maker Studio,
Scratch, Game Maker Software and/or other game
development kits.

Time Commitment:

Approximately 12-16 hours per month.


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