June Workshop

Coding Your Own Video Game With Roblox

Come join us on Saturday June 17th 2023 for our new workshop Zookeeper’s Coding Adventure for Boys 11 to 17

Learning Objectives

By the end of this two-week workshop learners will be able to:
  • Design and code a simple obstacle-course-style game.
  • Test their game and modify the objects and code to correct mistakes.
  • Use 3D design to create objects and format them using three axes: x, y, z.
  • Understand what object-oriented programming is.
  • Understand how to add behaviors or actions to objects with a text-based scripting language.

Atlanta USA

Saturday June 24th 2023 ATLANTA METRO COLLEGE 10AM – 03:00PM EDT

For further questions you may have on the day of the workshop, please reach out to [email protected]